Kevin Swan


Develop specialized technical programming skills in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. Improve both depth and breadth of programming knowledge while adding value to cutting-edge technology.

Work Style

I work well under pressure, achieve high standards, take pride in my work, am well disciplined, and enjoy meeting deadlines.


  • Primary Programming Languages: C# (.NET), Java, C++, C
  • Auxiliary programming tools: Sun ONE Studio, IBM VisualAge for Java, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, ksh scripting, Clearcase, ant, make, imake, MS Visual C++, Visio.
  • Operating Systems: AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, MS Windows 95/NT/98/2000/XP, Linux, X Windowing System.
  • Other: HTML, computer hardware interfacing, Cellular technology (CDMA), multi-threaded programming, distributed programming, user interface design, OAM&P, optical networking, Photoshop, Illustrator.


Mar 2000 – Jun 2002 Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON

  • Desiged and implemented upgrade software for the HDX Network Elements. Scope spanned from Windows and Solaris based desktop GUI through Solaris management platform, controlling Network Elements via a TL1 connection.
  • Primed the project’s design testing strategy. Included code coverage and memory leak tools, unit tests, static and dynamic source code analysis.
  • Led the early integration activities, bringing together the various tiers of the system.
  • Was a member of the design UI team, helping ensure consistent UI practices across the product.
  • Authored and presented educational material to new hires on coding conventions, testing methodology, VisualAge for Java.
  • Acted as prime technical consultant during new hire interviews.
  • Provided documentation content for technical writers regarding software upgrade NTP.
Jan 1999 – Mar 2000 Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON

  • Designed and supported MTX billing software.
  • Worked in C, C++, and scripting languages.
  • Developed a problem-tracking tool for the support team during the product VO phase.
May 1998 – Sep 1998 Object Technology Incorporated (IBM Canada), Ottawa, ON

  • Designed and testing user interface for VisualAge for Java.
  • Created a suite of Java applets and applications to test usability and stability of product.
  • Created GUI components in Smalltalk for various dialogs and windows that were used in the final product.
May 1997 – Aug 1997 Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

  • Created a virtual environment in Smalltalk.
  • Worked with GUI design and networking protocols.


May 1999 Graduated from Acadia University, Wolfville, NS – Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours.
Dean’s List Scholar, ACM Programming Competition Team Member, Graduated in Top 3 of Class
Jun 1994 Graduated from Cobequid Educational Centre, Truro, NS – High School Diploma.
Advanced Placement Scholar in Computer Science


  • Authoring
    I authored a short series of articles on the Java zip API for “Java Enterprise Developer” magazine.
  • Programming Competition
    I represented my university in the 1998 ACM programming competition. Our team advanced to the Eastern regionals in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Teaching
    While in University, I taught an after-hours course on Java to fellow students.
  • Air Cadets
    I was involved in the Air Cadet movement for six years, from September 1988 to June 1994. I attained the rank of Flight Sergeant, and held the position of Flight Commander for two years.
  • Private Pilot License
    In 1993, through Air Cadets, I received my private pilot license.


  • Avid squash player.
  • Build model cars and aircraft.
  • Amateur photographer.
  • Play trumpet.
  • Occasionally pilot private aircraft with friends and by myself.


Available upon request.