dobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation application, capable of some amazing effects. In fact, every image on this website was created or edited by me, using Photoshop.

I only really started using Photoshop around the end of 2002. I found several sites on the web with useful tutorials. Photoshop tutorials are fairly easy to locate by simply Googling for "Photoshop tutorials." However, I will list here for you a few of the sites I found particularly useful in creating the graphics for

800x600   1024x768 Here's a lame example of some of my fiddling around in Photoshop. I drew the Agent Smith on paper, scanned it in, vectorized it in Macromedia Freehand, cleaned it up and coloured it in Flash, then imported it into Photoshop and created the rest of the image.

DaFONT is a great resource for obtaining a wide variety of attractive, well-designed, free fonts.

IceHouse Designs
This is a very long list of other Photoshop tutorials. This'll keep you reading for a while. :)

There's not a lot of tutorials here, but the site is very visually interesting. I find it kind of inspiring when looking for edgy, grungy ideas.

Blue Sfear
Another site with some elementary tutorials, but lots of interesting original digital art for inspiration.

If you're just getting started and looking to create some graphics such as the ones on this site, my advice to you is this: read and practice. Just play around, don't be afraid to try out different filters and tricks and see how it looks. Bump up the "history" list in Photoshop to something like 50 or 100 or more, so you can undo a half-hour of work, if that'll make you more confident in taking risks.